My First Person Is Not An Easy Topic

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MW 5-6:15 Relationships Relating to COMM 1100 Firstly, I would like to begin by saying this was not an easy topic to discuss. Contrary to what you might think I am not at all by any means any form of popular. For some reason people just don’t like me. They see me coming and flee. Which as you would expect that I have only had a few close friends and romantic relationships. To be exact five close friendships and two romantic relationships. At this point your probably either really amused by other papers you have read or just tired of them so I will cut my intro short and get straight to my first person. My first person is Allison Eason. She was a very dear friend of mine. The kind of friend where if in ten years your locked in jail and…show more content…
Starting in pre-k to elementary I went to the city school system. While being in the fourth grade they built a brand new middle school with a fifth grade added on. Personally thought that was the coolest thing. Allison and I’s relationship is about to get lost in the abyss. I was going to be the cool big girl and go to fifth grade at the new school. That’s exactly what I did. I had left my best friend since diapers and moved across town to a new school. There started to be this tremendous tug between our friendship, making new friendships, school and after school activities. It began to be hard to talk for ten minutes a day on the phone. Slowly but surely we made new friends and both got new best friends that we were inseparable with but will always consider each other very close. We say that we are life long friends. Allison and I have one of those really special friendships that no matter if we don’t talk for months when we meet again it’s like we were never apart. Just a friendship I wanted to share. While this next friendship (really acquaintance) wasn’t so sweet. Let’s see sophomore year some time in November Twenty Thirteen. On October the Thirtieth the previous month I had turned sixteen. I had my car and my license and I was ready to roll. A new girl had just moved to my school just a few weeks prior and at that point I guess you could say acquaintances. Her name you might ask Daisy Mae (like the name of a cow) Gordon (like the
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