My First Person Narrative : ' Our Great Adventure'search Of Wifi '

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First Person Narrative
“Our Great Adventure in Search of Wifi”

Our small group of seven exhausted and a bit jet lagged after seven nights of being in a different time zone eager to rest as we’ve been walking around much of Europe is where we were known as not Hawaiian but “American”. In the exotic country of France is where we settled at an old four star hotel called La Meridienne for the next two nights, being our seventh night of ten of the EF tour trip we spent over a year fundraising for. So far in the trip its been rough, we 've been on foot for most of it, doing walking tours and stuck with these junior high children who are quite annoying may I add, so loud and ignorant to the volume of their voices within the large echoey tour bus and hotel halls filled with nothing but silence and rooms containing grumpy jet lagged chaperones. The halls did not remain so silent anymore, for as long as our tour tour group remained, the children were there to disturb the peace by acting a fool and running about the halls, stomping as if elephants and monkey’s had broken out of a circus and now run free throughout the hotel knocking down the hotel furniture and giggling about their clumsy mishaps.

For me and my only other friends that payed for the trip, both Nick and Lexus, as soon as we three stepped through the warm entrance through the sliding glass doors of the La Meridienne hotel, all we were concerned about was that magical thing that enables you to contact your loved ones

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