My First Professional Job As A Nurse

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My first professional job was in the health care field. I started off this career by taking a diploma of nursing . My two sisters are registered nurses currently working overseas (now as a nursing officer/sister). They are a great influence on me and watching my sister 's nursing career develop in many ways has given me a passion for nursing. I have witnessed their hard work and all the effort that went into the different stages of their nursing career and feeling sheer pride at their commitment and selflessness and how they made a difference in a people 's life and also the lives of their families . I have a great admiration and respect for their professionalism and dedication. My desire to take a course in nursing was…show more content…
I was very good at building relationship and gaining the trust of patients. I was mentor of newly graduate and student nurses . I provided basic life support and first aid course for different organizations in Brunei . Also , I was continue nursing education coordinator. When I was ready to return to work again . I didn 't know what to do other than nursing so I decided to study certificate 111 in aged care in 2012 at INHA Perth . I had a placement at RSL care Menora . During my time at the nursing home (where I was offered a paid job on my 3rd day of placement ) I enjoyed talking to the residents and developing relationships with them and this is something that really attracts me back to nursing. My experience working in the nursing home also taught me how to work well in team with other professionals and made me appreciate how important it is to show compassion and support . Mid last year I undertook a course at the Royal Perth Hospital . I studied pathology and feel I gained useful pathology skills which will be beneficial to nursing. Since August 2014, I have been working with Pathwest medicine laboratory at S.C.G.H hospital, Nedlands and have been a phlebotomist/specimen collector (blood, urine, faeces, sputum, skin scrape and nail clipping (mycology)). During this time, I have helped different clientele groups in the health care industry. I have attended people with multiple medical problems in out-patient collection centres and
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