My First Semester : A Case Of Burning Brightly Too Fast

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My second semester of freshman was a case of burning brightly, too fast. Determined to redeem myself from a unsuccesful first semester, I took 5 classes and was accepted into a program which was set to be a huge time commitment. I also continued working my part time job throughout this time period. I began incredibly strong and blew myself away at how capable I really was. I wasn’t the same person I was first semester, but I also wasn’t the person I needed to be second semester. Though I had learned much in my time at the college thus far, I quickly became overwhelmed and found myself stubbornly sticking to my commitments despite warnings from my advisors. The moment I began not living up to the standard that I had set for myself second…show more content…
Using my free time, I was able to identify statistics as a concentration which aligns with who I am, and will allow me to explore my other interests freely alongside it. I now want to pursue statistics and either apply it to the natural sciences or data science, with graduate studies in the future as the overarching goal. With this identification came much more progress. I had a goal now, which was severely lacking since the start of my freshman year. I began to hunt for valuable jobs or internships that would allow me to explore my interest in statistics, data and analytics. By mid-April, I had contacted a therapist and began treatment in May. I interviewed with various companies which helped me understand that I lacked technical skills in programs such as Excel and SQL. One company, Ellevation, offered me a chance to reapply as an intern during the school year should I advance my Excel skill set. I promptly joined an Edx course in data analysis using Excel, and additionally began to study SQL in my free time independently. I also enrolled in an “Introduction to Probability and Statistics” course at Umass Boston which covers much of the material covered in Harvard’s Statistics 110 Course. All the while, I had been working at The Harvard Shop part time as I got the rest of my life together. I have been working at the Harvard Shop since the summer of 2015, so I found a nice balance
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