My First Semester : A Case Of Burning Brightly Too Fast

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My second semester of freshman was a case of burning brightly, too fast. Determined to redeem myself from a unsuccesful first semester, I took 5 classes and was accepted into a program which was set to be a huge time commitment. I also continued working my part time job throughout this time period. I began incredibly strong and blew myself away at how capable I really was. I wasn’t the same person I was first semester, but I also wasn’t the person I needed to be second semester. Though I had learned much in my time at the college thus far, I quickly became overwhelmed and found myself stubbornly sticking to my commitments despite warnings from my advisors. The moment I began not living up to the standard that I had set for myself second semester was my downfall. A pattern of sleep and isolation began and when multiple balls were dropped it was time to reassess things. I needed to undergo consistent therapy, work on my self confidence, and asses my future goals as well as my limitations. There was too much thinking and self evaluation to be done for me to stay focused on school, so I took the leave and hoped I was making the right choice.

I came home to a loving family who I felt I had disappointed. Worse than that, I knew I had disappointed myself. My first weeks were spent in misery as I tried to asses where I was at and how I could fulfill all the requirements for my return all while feeling immense anger at myself for having taken the leave in the first place. As time…

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