My First Semester Analysis

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This is my second semester being a tutor at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Last semester I gained multiple skills regarding higher level learning and tutoring. One of the skills that I gained regards differing learning styles. Prior to tutoring and taking the tutoring training course, I had no knowledge of how students learn in differently. I also gained skills in communication. I learned how to effectively communicate higher level mathematics concepts and converse how to solve problems ranging from Calculus to general college experiences. Last semester I learned about how students learn and perceive new information differently. I learned about the auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning styles. Being an auditory learner myself, I…show more content…
I want to be able to identify them quicker and be able to use methods that appeal to their learning styles specifically. I believe that this can be accomplished through practice. Last semester I started to see a difference in how I approached each individual student. After becoming aware of how students learn differently, I saw myself seeking clues to tell me how they are thinking about each problem. As long as this doesn’t lead to putting students in boxes before getting to know them completely, I believe by the end of the semester I will be able to recognize and help students of differing learning styles more efficiently. Another goal I have for the semester I to continue to sharpen my communication skills. I am pursuing a degree in Actuarial Science. My job will consist of complex mathematical and statistical problems. It will also include communicating my finding in easy to interpret language. Tutoring will help to gain the skill necessary to do this. By teaching other how to understand complex concepts such as derivatives and differential equations. I am learning how to communicate in a way that I will be doing in my
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