My First Semester At College

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As an individual who has encountered many challenges with the adjustment to college, I am proud to conclude that I have finished my first semester of college with complete success. The first semester of college is one of the critical points for freshmen students because you truly learn more about yourself and the skills you are lacking. My experience from last semester was fun yet difficult and I realize that there are many changes that needs to occur in order for improvement and growth. The objective of this semester is to not only to excel as a student, however as an individual as well. Spring semester I will become more organized, improve my time management skills, and improve my work ethic skills. In order to thrive spring semester, I will become more organized. As a college student it is very crucial to keep track of your assignments, notes, and important dates in order to achieve the highest grade possible. Last semester I was not organized. I had to learn the hard way how much of an effect organization skills has on your grade. By not being organized, I missed out on chances to turn the B’s that I had in my classes to A’s because I did not take the time to make sure everything was in order. Not being organized caused me to miss out on extra credit assignments because I did not keep track of certain dates, which caused me to miss deadlines. There is high possibility that I could have earned a higher grade if I had been more organized and focus. Organization played a

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