My First Semester At College

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I would describe myself as a very fast learner prior to coming to college here. I have been preparing for this step in my life ever since I was in school by participating in hard classes and being involved in my community. Keeping high A averages in my classes has given me the opportunity to become involved in national honor society and national art honor society but also granting me with the incredible trip to Blue Bonnet Girls State this past summer. I believe that involving myself in these three organizations gives me the extra drive a student needs to flourish as an aspiring student to UT Austin. I grew up in a good home as a child and my parents both pushed me to the best of my ability that thankfully got me accepted into this amazing university.
My first semester at college was a positive learning experience, although it was also incredibly challenging for me. Coming to The University of Texas was a dream come true and I knew the academics here would be difficult, but I had no idea the level of adversity it would take to be successful here. Last semester, I was in two design class and two math classes, because as a Textiles and Apparel Design major in the College of Natural Sciences I have to take the same basics as all of the other Natural Science Majors. In high school, I skipped math my senior year, because I was ahead and assumed that since I had taken calculus my junior year I would no longer need it in college as a design major. Well, when my advisor informed
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