My First Semester Of College

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Six months ago, as my first semester of college comes to an end, I was diagnosed with severe depression. The news of my family and I moving across the world after my high school graduation is unsurprising, but it signals the time for me to make up my mind. This, along with my new found existential crises, is more or less the reason for the formation of my illness. However, in an ironic twist of fate, my depression, the dreadful enemy of my family, social life and academic achievements, plays the part of the main motivator to push me towards my final decision in exchange. I used to be the happiest and blithest person. In fact, I was so pleased with my life for the first 17 years of existence that the scenario of me being sorrowful or even suicidal becomes unfathomable. Then the symptoms of my health problem appeared during my senior year of high school, one year before my diagnosis. Prior to that time, my mother decided our family of three will be moving across the world to the US as she remarried. I began my process to apply to college, and it was then that I realized I need to think properly about my future. Art, despite being my deep-rooted passion, is not needed nor greatly appreciated in the society of Vietnam. As I accepted this truth, I had decided to go into Business for my higher education. At least, that was my original plan before the news of my immigration. Going to the US opens up new opportunities that Vietnam has never offered. Studying Art was a possibility

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