My First Semester Of Senior Year

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When going into my second semester of senior year knowing I had enrolled to take Freshman Composition, I was nervous. However, despite all the negative feedback I had received, I challenged myself to do my best and try my hardest to never give up or slack off. That was unsurprisingly a challenge for me, but with a little motivation of getting the class out of the way this year instead of having to take it next year got me through the semester. After enrolling into this course, I was nervous after asking everyone what it was like and truthfully not ever getting any positive feedback. Writing has always been something I have struggled with. Confidence is a major problem for me, and it always has been, even in sports. I would always…show more content…
From the beginning of the semester to now, my improvement is almost breathe taking. I now know what a good writing is, and I take consideration into whatever it is I am writing instead of just putting words together and putting them down on paper. Of course I am not perfect; I still have some areas that I can focus on to help myself become an even more advanced writer. Comma splices, sometimes-even uses of dead words are my weaknesses. We are all creatures of habit, and straying away from those old habits are complicated. Freshman Composition was for sure a needed experience and I am happy I got to experience in a high school environment. From learning how to find better replacements for dead words to learning the correct way to cite something and the correct way to research something, allowed me to improve my writing technique. I never enjoyed writing, and honestly I still struggle with it; yet, when writing about something I have a strong opinion on, I enjoy writing. Most importantly I have learned how to express my feelings and beliefs through my writings, and that is very important because it makes your writing more interesting. Freshman Composition
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