My First Shopping Trip - Original Writing

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I reminisce the time like it was yesterday, the white tile along the floor as I walked by my mom 's side, my fragile body shivering from the coldness I felt, my eyes taking quick glimpses of everything near me. I can just imagine how my pupils dilated from the excitement of all the beautiful things I saw. At that moment I didn 't realize my first shopping trip would have such an impact on my future. I can recall the amazing feeling I felt when I purchased my first outfit. Why would this mean so much to me? I was born with an identical twin. For 7 years of my life, I wore the exact same thing as my sister. I was always known as a twin ,when I picked out my first outfit everything changed. It was a way for me to make a new identity for myself. I love being a twin, but some people do not understand that we are so different. Fashion is a way for me to express who I am.

For as long as I can remember I have always been dedicated to make my dreams possible. I was so determined to make my dreams happen that at the young age of ten I began taking sewing lessons. A year after that my parents signed me up for summer art workshops. At first I was horrible at drawing, but as time passed and as I got older I got very good. At the age of fourteen I got so talented that my art teacher started entering me into local and national art contests. I won many awards including The Scholastic Art Award , Brain-Art Competition, Wrecks Of The World Art, and many local art competitions. It 's crazy
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