My First Sight Of Amber Pithakoti

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Judging someone from the first sight does not define who they are. However, my first sight of Amber Pithakoti showed me a defining example of the Registered Nurse: full of passion regarding his career. He could take his time at the church to tell the congregation on any matter arising regarding current health care issues, and what is expected of everyone. This triggered my urge to interview him regarding nursing as a profession and job, and learn what it entails to be an RN. Information generated from interviewing a professional is a great tool for bringing up a good RN. Meeting Amber Pithakoti was one of the moments that changed most of my perceptions towards the nursing profession.
As we walked towards the living room, one could tell
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A combination of these experiences and his educational background of a Diploma in Nursing, a Bachelor’s degree in Health Care Management and a Masters in Corporate and Public Communication inspired my curiosity on understanding what sparked Amber’s will to be such an all-around person in the nursing profession. Amber said “to grow, one has to be willing to work hard. Nursing is beyond a gentle touch.” This phrase gave me the understanding that nursing requires considerate exposure to all the life aspects. With that understanding, one can treat patients and fellow medical professionals well. One gets to understand everything that affects their professional life, and life outside the workspace.
His personable character and approachable nature displayed a lot of skills that are expected from every professional nurse. His passion for traveling across the world can inspire healthcare professionals to appreciate their jobs. This is a display of his capability to interact with people from all walks of life either as fellow professionals, learners, or as patients. This fact is important in the nursing career since sometimes patients, as well as employees, can prove to be difficult to work with. One needs to be equipped with a variety of social skills and communication skills to be able to handle them without bringing about any challenges.
Technically, Amber is
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