My First Small Business Adventure

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Growing up as a middle-class child with both parents working, I learned to appreciate the little details. In order to grow my parents had to deal with a lot of un-ethical people and the wrongs they did to them. Although they had many opportunities to develop quickly at the expense of others, they always denied the idea of taking advantage of them. Instead, my parents chose the longer but righteous road. Through their life choices and their struggles, I learned to be fair to others as I would like others to be fair to me, how to be humble, and help develop others as much as I was developing. “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Religion wasn’t harshly enforced, but my parents implemented a lot of the lessons that came from the words of the bible. I learned not to take advantage of people. As a young child my first small business adventure was my lemonade stand. Pricing my lemonade was the hardest thing I had to think about because I wanted to make money but, I didn’t want people not to purchase it.
There was my first business lesson. I needed to be fair to others as I would be to myself. I experienced that if I was giving my family a discount everyone else deserved one too because it was the exact same cup, with the same amount. I couldn’t turn around and sell it to others at a higher price just because I knew they didn’t know my family was getting it for less. I felt better to know I was being a good person even though I didn’t make a lot of money. Making money for the
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