My First Soccer Game-Personal Narrative

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referee blew his whistle announcing the game was about to beginning, it's was our biggest rival, Silver creek.“Let's go ladies . We can do this!” Our captain told us so that we could go out there and take the win. It was 7:30. When the game had began,The bleachers were full of people from both teams. This game was the most important game so far because both team were tied for first so whoever won this game was the champion of the league . As the sky got darker and the crowd couldn’t stop from screaming. With the first half ended, The score was 0-0, were playing good lady's but we can play better ” Coach told us. He then turned around and started walking away. “okay you guys heard coach, we can play better. If you guys would noticed their weakest side is their left so if …show more content…

I was so exited that I wanted to celebrate but I didn’t because we weren’t winning yet. As a result I took the ball out of the goal and took it to the middle of the field to continue with the game. There was 5 minutes left before the referee blew his whistle to indicate the end of the game. My team knew that we had a Great chance of winning because in soccer it is often said that when a team scores a goal, the team that received it will give a 5 minute window to score another goal. This motivated us more. However, we knew that we had to defend well enough because we could also lose the game. Time began to move fast. It wasn’t until the minute 89th that the game changed. At that moment I had the possession of the ball. I moved through the field still with the possession of the ball. I saw that my teammate began to sprint towards goal so I gave him a threw ball. He then shot the ball but the defender blocked his shot. The ball was going towards me so I had it. I was 10 yards away from the goal but I didn’t know what to do with the ball. I heard a lot of people telling me all sorts of things but at the end I chose to have a shot

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