My First Squad Leader : Sgt Delapaz

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How do you want to be remembered? This is something said on many occasions, I’m even willing to bet it is said during 90 percent of high school and college commencement speeches. It’s said because it’s important and it’s important because a legacy leaves a mark on others. Thinking back to that one specific person in your life that really made a positive impact on you can sometimes be tough. Throughout our lives we have so many people that influence us in someway. We remember them because of their character and actions, sometimes we remember the good and sometime we remember the bad. One particular person that left a positive impact on me was my first Squad Leader, SGT Delapaz. He has influenced me through his duties as a squad…show more content…
In reality he was shaping us. He shaped us through his presence. His presence also allowed us to learn from him. I was a 88M (Truck Driver) when I first came in the military so motor pool Mondays, when we conducted PMCS was our bread and butter, our equipment had to be operational and immaculate. I learned the proper way to do PMCS, which there is only one way and that is by the book. I learned how to start an engine with only my belt, and how to be the best truck driver I could be. When we went on support missions, SGT Delapaz would have the units we supported, usually a tanker or mechanized infantry unit explain why it was important we did our job to the best of our abilities. They explained being competent allowed them to get their mission done and more importantly allowed them to trust us. Somewhere during this time is when SGT Delapaz explained to us that the perception to the rest of the military is that truck drivers were the dumbest and laziest Soldiers in the Army, and he was pissed if we did not do everything possible to disprove that perception. SGT Delapaz’s character was right in line with what the Army wants today, he followed the Army Values but more importantly explained them. He was able to demonstrate the correct amount of loyalty to the Army, organization, and most important to him, the Soldier. One instance was a mission that interfered

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