My First Step Of Enrolling Into The Aspire Program I Feared The Unknown Expectations

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In the beginning of taking the first step of enrolling into the Aspire Program I feared the unknown expectations. Being the first child in my family to attend an University made me proud but terrified. I choose Organizational Leadership because I felt it will benefit me personally and professionally. Now looking back at the program, it has indeed left a huge impact on both. Through the assessments I found out my strengths, the type of worker, I am, how to deal with conflicts, and how to approach other cultures. My understanding of the world changed and now given more insight of things I was unaware of as a person. In Learning and Motivation class we discovered what our natural strengths are and how we can use them to help us succeed in…show more content…
At first I didn’t quite understand some of the strength until I read in depth of what each term meant. Consistency is one I felt was not fitting until I fully understood the meaning of it. According to Gallup website, under Your Personalized Strengths Insights, “You like knowing what to expect next. You probably dislike being caught off guard or surprised.” This part spoke to me the most because I rather know what I’m getting into instead of not knowing. Since consistency is one of my five strengths I’m able to write out what can happen to what can’t when deciding on outcomes in work projects to personal life decisions. This helps with being aware of how certain situations can either fall or succeed as a leader. If I was working with a group of people and had to incorporate my natural abilities I think it would be challenging depending on who is in the group. Everyone works differently so it varies if I can use all five or just a few of the strengths. For example, when I started at my current job as a receptionist I didn’t know any medical terms or had any office experience. I had to learn how the environment was like and how people worked. My focus was making sure I knew what my goals and the company’s were and focus on achieving the goals. After that, make sure I was consistent about it while setting a future goal and getting to know the people you work with by small talks. There
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