My First Steps Into English 111

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As a scared, apprehensive Sophomore, I took my first steps into English 111. Fears of failure, scary college processors, and intimidation from older classmates swirled through my head. Though not my first college class, I was more nervous of this one than those prior. Before this class I had only taken basic college classes (like ACA and Gym) and felt both excited and nervous to finally be a part of the college side of Early College. For the first time I was going to be with other college students, in a more college like situation. I was horrified to say the least. However, despite my fear, I began to grow and expand in this class. My writing, planning, and perseverance were all tested, and I kept pushing through. I enriched my English knowledge by coming to class engaged, prepared, and showing great determination and responsibility that affirmed my growth in this class. Even through my struggle, I managed to stay at the top of my class, still trying to the best of my ability. Though many times I was exhausted, confused, and heart heavy with defeat, I managed to try again.
Participation is always very important, but definitely is a lot more than just showing up for class. As for myself, I was present every day except one, which was the first day of class. Though the first day is an atrocious one to miss, I had a funeral to attend. So I sent an email in advance, read over the syllabus and showed up prepared that next Thursday. I continued to show up every day for the rest…

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