My First Term As A Declared History Major

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This is my second term as a declared History major. Before this, I was a Mathematics major, and during my time at Umpqua Community College, I worked at both subjects in order to open more doors in my future. Looking back, I am glad I did this. The reason being is that on Thursday of the first week of Fall term, October 1, 2015, the UCC shooting occurred. Without hesitation, I drove down to Roseburg to take care of my girlfriend who was there during the event. Subsequently, I returned to Roseburg every weekend to spend time with her, my friends, and my family who were impacted by this event. I sacrificed my co-curricular activities so that I could support my friends and family during this time of crisis. Also, the event itself catalyzed a…show more content…
By New Year’s Eve, I was ready to take on the change in courses. Then the unthinkable happened. On New Year’s Day, three days before the start of Winter term, my grandfather passed away from a combined heart attack and stroke. It was sudden and I had no idea what to do. It brought back my depression, and I was on the brink of giving up entirely. Luckily and thankfully, my girlfriend and family stepped in and pushed me to not give up and to seek counseling at CAPS. There has been a lot of improvement which is elicited by my high honors completion of Winter term, my near completion of Spring Term, and the many other things that have occurred since New Year’s Day: Obtainment of the Florence Gradon Ragen and Louis Brooks Ragen Scholarship and the Nicholas J. and Thea Yonker Scholarship through the College of Liberal Arts, co-founding Pearlwood Visions, LLC. with my girlfriend through Google Startup Weekend: Roseburg, declaring pre-education, and establishing two internships this summer at UCC. Even though there is still residual depression from the events of this past academic year, I am grateful for discovering that History acts as my antidepressant; for while I sit in any of my history courses, read a primary source, or am writing a research paper are the only times that I know I can get past this depression and be successful in my academics and future career. As mentioned, I have not participated in any activities at OSU, but to accommodate for this, I
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