My First Time A Student Assaulted Me

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The fall of 2005, marked the first time a student assaulted me. As second period classes changed on that cool, clear, crisp autumn day, I entered into the hallway, moving students along before my prep. Our second bell rang indicating the start of the next period. Exploring the hallway, I noticed there was a group of students chilling in the hallway. As I approached the group, four out of the five students departed. Only one student remained. His name was Jimmy Delgado. Taking a deep breath I informed Jimmy he needed to go to class. Jimmy ignored me and continued to lean on the wall. Once again, I informed Jimmy, to go to class. Indignantly, Jimmy uttered to get out his face. Nonetheless, I persisted instructing Jimmy to proceed to class.…show more content…
Sadly, numerous amounts of my pupils didn’t obtain the skills that we as adults take for granted. Therefore the importance of a Code of Conduct incorporating transparent behavioral protocols become more imperative. Experience educated me that everyone has an agenda in the educational world. There are many stakeholders in education and their agendas fall on every aspect of the educational and discipline spectrum. On one hand, there are organizations such as Teach for America who are working to help students access their rights to obtain a quality education. Then there are no-excuse militant charter schools who feel that teacher’s union and state regulations prevent students from accessing a quality education. Opposite of the charter schools are teachers unions who feel that teachers rights need to be protected through a strict student code of conduct. Sadly, students and their families find themselves entangled in these opposing forces. Countless times parents disclosed in conferences they desire their child to gain knowledge to obtain an exceptional job. Dejectedly, multitudes of parents tell me that their child didn 't receive a quality education for two major reasons. Firstly, their child 's behavior along with the teacher’s attitude forced their child out of their classroom. Secondly, there child cannot learn because of disruptive students who are not removed from class. As a result of these issues, day to day life for educators to balance the rights of
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