My First Time Being Angry At God

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My cousin Katie also had a big impact on my faith throughout high school. She was like a mentor to me. I knew if I ever had a question, faith-related or not, I could go to her. Her relationship with her husband is so inspiring to me because they often pray together and attend Church together. God is truly at the center of their marriage. My freshman year of college, Katie found out that she was pregnant. Everyone was so excited for her, including myself. A few months later, Kate found out that her baby would be born with Trisomy 18. Most babies with this genetic disease do not make it to full term. On December 24th, 2013 Brantley was born. He was born a month early and immediately rushed to the NICU, where he would spend his whole life. Brantley was so perfect. Everyone would sit next to him and read to him. I remember this being the first time being angry at God. At first I didn’t understand why this perfect baby only got two days on this Earth when he deserved so much more. I prayed endlessly and found peace. I came to the realization that Brantley will never know suffering and that he can now spend his entire life with God. My cousin and her husband began a blog called Brantley Strong. My cousin included this quote which is the epitome of how my family and I have shaped our faith. "I believe that everything that happens in our lives, however awful, is an oppurtunity to bring Glory to Jesus. We all wished it would have been a different way. If we choose, we could hold it…

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