My First Time Hearing About The People 's Mind

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When somebody says a microaggression to somebody else they don’t know how it effects the other person’s mind, and that can go two ways in people’s mind, either they can laugh it off and act like they don’t care or it can hurt them bad and make them want to cry. Most of the time if people hold it in they really care but their pride is too high for them to say anything to the person. So that can end up messing up their mind by causing them to have bad thoughts about every little thing somebody says to them. When people let out how the microaggression hurt them, I believe they get a sense of relief because they don’t have to keep it on their mind for forever. If you keep it on your mind forever, it’s just going to bring you down every day you don’t say anything. During my first time hearing about microaggressions, I thought it was a small issue around the United States. But to my surprise, I found that microaggressions were a worldwide issue. When I learned the full meaning of microaggressions it made think of all the things I’ve ever said that could go in that category. I thought to myself dang that was pretty messed of me to say. As I looked into them more I saw that there were a lot of elements that tie into microaggressions such as trigger warnings and political correctness. Microaggressions, brought up unknowingly or on purpose can cause a lot chaos to college students and around college campuses by causing a lot of arguments and debates on what is and isn’t right to say.
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