My First Time Mom

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First Time Mom Since I was a little girl it has been my dream to be a mother. The idea of being able care and nurture for my own child meant the world to me. Over the years I babysat and nannied for multiple families filling my ‘baby craze’. As a young woman; it never crossed my mind that I'd actually become a mother so soon. I thought I had everything going for me with my education and working in my field of study. Being in the oblivion of my tunnel vision, in the height of working full time,going to school full time and dating my husband; I felt so sick but was too busy to figure out the truth so I dealt with it. Day in and day out I experienced no appetite and morning sickness without making the connections. The first doctor's opinion was concluded to be an underactive thyroid. After that method not working I decided to get a second opinion. When I heard those famous words ‘you're pregnant’ a swarm of mixed emotions flew upon me. I knew for sure I wanted to keep this baby I had longed for my whole life- but I was afraid! I was afraid of being a disappointment to all of my family and to myself. At my first OB appointment I met the most wonderful woman- Jennifer Guthrie who assured me that I truly had become a mother. Hearing the heartbeat of my unborn child for the first time, filled my heart with joy and my eyes full of tears! Keeping quiet about such a huge secret was the hardest to hold in.. I received just the reaction from family that I had anticipated. At this time
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