My First Time Of A Teenager Who Is Affected By Autism Spectrum Disorder

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This was my first time in a session with a teenager who is affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder. I also have not used any intervention methods with my clients before. I found several moments during the clinical session challenging. Below, I have discussed moments which include talking about body movements when angry, the reasoning behind why people tend to hurt themselves or others when angry, other people’s observations and talking about the emotional thermometer. Also discussed below, is what I was able to do well during this session. At the time mark 02:20, I asked Christopher, “When you get angry is there something that you do to show other people your anger to other people or yourself?” he responded by saying, “I don’t remember.” By…show more content…
As I continued exploring the negative emotions that Christopher feels, I should have first explained the concept of fight or flight as a response to a perceived danger or threat. However, I continued by adding at (, “Hmm, Is there a reason behind that? Does it become feel really fuzzy when you are angry?” In order to transition into his understanding of what a body does as a response I would say, “You know what, it makes a lot of sense as to why you might not remember anything when you are really angry. This happens because feeling emotions like anger can affect your body and thinking, such as increasing heart rate, high adrenaline, perspiration, muscle tone, perception and problem solving ability.” “And most of the times when people are emotional they tend to be less logical and rational which in turn affects the problem solving abilities and decision making.” It would have been helpful to add that, “In order for optimum interpersonal situations it is important to be calm and cool.” This baseline explanation would have been helpful for the next part of the conversation with I ask if any adult has told me what he does when he gets angry. Christopher relays that his teacher Siobhan told him that he usually makes noises or hits his head repeatedly on the wall. I could have then taken this opportunity to circle back to when the body is on fight or flight mode that we are less logical

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