My First Time On A Plane

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We squeezed down the tight isle with our oversized carry-ons, and hand bags. We walked further and further weaving in and out of the other passengers until we finally reached it, seat 27B and 27C. I was 11 years old, and my body was filled with both nerves and excitement, because this was my first time on a plane. I sat only one seat away from the window, and my mom was next to me just across the aisle. We got comfortable in our seats, and I stared at the clock, counting down the minutes. Fifteen minutes until departure, next stop Disney World. As I waited impatiently, I hoped that I might be lucky enough to have the seat next to me remain empty, so I could get a perfect view out the window. Only seconds later, I saw a tall man walking down the aisle towards us, looking for his seat. He was an older Arabic man, who had a long, curly beard and wore glasses. He was skinny, and wore a nice dark blue button up shirt with light brown pants. I was bummed when I saw him smile and heard him say, “I believe this is seat 27A.” “Sure is,” I said as I got up to let him in. I looked over at my mother and saw her muscles tense up as the grin on her face turned from happy to uncomfortable. As the man got settled in his seat, she stared at him like he was some sort of killer alien. My mother stood straight up and said “I need you to trade seats with me right now,” in a very stern voice. I was very confused and told her, “No, I want to be by the window. What’s wrong?” “Don’t argue, you

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