My First Time On The Airplane

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On June 16, 2006 I landed in John F. Kennedy airport in New York, United States. My first time on the airplane was an awesome experience. I had high expectations of the United States since all my relatives, who had lived in the United States always bragged about the prosperity and the positive vibe of the United States. I cannot say they lied about their experiences, since they lived in the United States when the economy was better than when my family moved to the United States. In either case, my family has not seen any significant changes economically since moving to the United States. Our America was not their America. I cannot go back to Bangladesh and tell a protective immigrant that life is perfect here like my relatives did. When we first landed in New York, it was magical. My uncles came to pick us up from the airport with their cars. America really did seem perfect. My family never had a car and now my uncles did. Unfortunately, my family still has no car. Living in my uncle’s house, my parents were constantly pressured to move out. This is one of the difficulties we faced, and expectations about America began to drop. My parents’ had no money, nor did they speak English so it was extremely difficult for them to find a place for us to move out. Finding a cheap place to live in New York was very difficult. It was even more difficult since my father had not job yet. Luckily my undocumented uncle helped us find a place to live and helped my dad find a job. Moving
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