My First Trip To Disneyland

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Let’s get lost in the world of fantasy! Have you ever been somewhere that you enjoyed a lot? A place where children smile, beaming in bliss and adults flying back to their childhood innocence. A place where you seem to walk into the movies of your childhood memories, those movies that you watched hoping to become one of those beautiful princesses or one of those brave heroes. A place that promises that dreams come true. I remembered my first trip to Disneyland in Tokyo, Japan last year quite well. I was very fascinated with the Disney’s New Fantasyland zone. The zone was full of enchantment, it was decorated with shops and home of Disney princesses, also there were many interesting rides and foods related to the theme of each Disney characters. Visiting Disney’s Fantasyland zone in Japan gave me the most memorable and happiest moment that fulfilled my childhood memory and totally made my dream comes true.
It was a chilling cold windy day on Christmas eve. The winter breeze woke me up and reminded me of an exciting day to come. My family and I walked down the quiet street under the dark blue sky but my heart was pounding with excitement. We got off at JR Maihama station and took the Disney resort line monorail linking to Tokyo Disneyland station. As soon as the monorail door opened, I felt like half of my long-awaited wish had been granted. I ran to the ticket gate where the enthusiastic ticket seller kept continuously saying “Welcome to the
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Not only happiness and fun, but it also brought me back to my childhood memories and empowered my imagination. Moreover, there were lots of stunning landscapes that can only be seen in Japan. In a real world that is full of difficulties and problems, a day off to this magical place of Disney’s fantasyland would lose yourself from those struggles, give you more power to smile and fight with whatever awaits
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