My First Tutoring Experience

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For my first tutoring assignment, I assisted at the WST BOOT CAMP at CSUEB. The workshop has two main different sessions, A and B, which occur at three different times. Students can choose the time in which they can attend one of each of the main sessions. In the two A sessions and one B session that I assisted in, there were about sixty to seventy students signed in. The teacher had more than one teacher assistants helping her with anything she or her students needed.
In A sessions, the teacher explored with the students how to write an effective essay with an example; they practiced in groups brainstorming for an essay and then revised it together with the teacher. In B sessions, the students write a practice essay and get help in writing it by the teacher and her teacher assistants if they needed it. After they finish they submit it and after a while they get feedback about their writing.
The workshop was put together to help students with their writing skills to take a test that require them to write an analytic essay and pass it with clear competence to satisfy the university writing skills requirement. The students signed into this workshop
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The teacher was sure to engage the students in the process of teaching them how to write effectively by asking them questions about how to do things and correcting them if necessary. There were group works in which students did some tasks together and had the chance to discuss the answers with each other first, and then with the whole class and the teacher. The teacher used the Communicative Language Teaching Approach in her teaching. She encouraged cooperative learning by making the students work in groups and intended for them to go through interactive learning giving them the opportunity to discuss their answers
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