My First Twenty Years Of One 's Life

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The first twenty years of one’s life not only holds the most dramatic physical changes, but also extensive changes in the social/emotional and the cognitive stages. Throughout my first twenty years, I have reached the majority of my physical attributes for adulthood. I have gone from a babbling infant to a well educated undergraduate student at a pristine univeristy. I have overcome evolving life circumstances, and I have, in other words, grew up. I plan to use my life experiences along with Laura E. Berk’s psychological research to explain how I have learned to grow and adapt physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively. As history progresses, the evolution of physical changes to the human body seems to move right along with it. According to Berk’s studies, the secular trends in physical growth over the past 150 years have led to taller and heavier children in industrialized nations (p 413). Personally, my growth was lower than these new trends. I was average height, but I have stayed below weight even as I am maturing. In the prior family generations before me, many males experienced their growth spurt up into the twenties, so there is the slim chance that the usual teenage spurts didn’t hit me because they tend to fall late in my gene pool. However, I was pretty normal among the physical stages of growth as a toddler. I was standing alone and walking alone at eleven months (p 184). Even though this is the average age for most growing children, I was always a…

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