My First Undergraduate Degree Of Women

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I grew up in a household where my father proudly called himself a feminist, and my mother worked as a lay midwife. There were books such as Our Bodies, Ourselves lying around. My first undergraduate degree included 18 credit hours of Women’s Studies. About 15 years ago, I completed my certificate in the subject by choosing classes that evaluated the roles of women across cultures, religion, our similarities and our differences. Needless to say, I found myself in shock to learn that not all women embraced feminism, that the office of women’s studies was known to house “feminazis,” and that I found some of the views I encountered to be extreme. My background made this assignment not as shocking, but still eye opening. I went to the social media website Tumblr, and reviewed two opposing pages: The daily feminist, and Women against feminism. Some of the topics are new or have new concepts being discussed than what I learned years ago. The daily feminist is a site on Tumblr where questions are asked related to women’s issues, comics are posted, affirmations and protests. The site addresses women’s issues from rape, abortion, transgender and homosexual issues, to ethnic and religious topics. Women against feminism is also on Tumblr, and shares common themes such as feminism perpetuating a victim culture, demeaning men, demonizing women who choose to stay home, and that the battle has already been won; modern day feminism is unnecessary.
Although I like to think of myself
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