My First Visit Of India

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Only about 2.83% of those who live in India are able to speak Punjabi fluently. This corresponds to about 35,431,600 people out of the entire population of 1,252,000,000 people. For such a small country, the diversity among it is one of the greatest in the world. Every area of India is different, in either the language spoke, religion practiced, quality of the area, and the types of buildings. If one was to visit India, every day you’d be so fortunate to see something entirely new, nothing was ever the same, there was always something to do and something to see. When I was a child I was fortunate to visit India several times and each trip was a new experience. My first visit to India was in 2006, and by staying in India during my childhood I encountered many obstacles, these obstacles were created by not being fluent in Punjabi; the native language of the area in which I stayed each time. By not really knowing the culture, and not understanding their practices, and traditions. Because of these factors I felt out of place the first time I stayed in India, everything was brand new to me. Growing up I experienced more than one culture. This was because my father was Indian, and my mother was American. So I learned a little bit about each culture growing up. My father is from Punjab, India so that is really where the story begins. About half my family lives there and I had never met or talked to any of them before my first visit. I wasn’t even really sure they existed because
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