My First Week Of Practicum

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During my second week of practicum, at my new agency, I sat in on an orientation with a African American, 17-year-old teenage girl. She was referred to day treatment by her mother and father; who are divorced and now remarried. This teenage girl had suicidal tendencies, been sexual abused, substance abuse, and a history of running away. I noticed the girl appeared to have a dry mouth by consistently smacking her lips, and requesting water. From experience at other work environments, this is a sign that the individual has used a substance. The girl’s pupils were slightly bigger than normal, and the white parts of her eye were a tint of red. The therapist stated she will monitor the adolescent regarding possible drug use while attending day treatment. During orientation, the therapist discussed confidentiality and when she is mandated to report. Confidentiality is very important when dealing with clients/therapy. The client needs to be familiar with his or her rights and feel comfortable talking about their problems without worrying about it being spread to other individuals. By having the client being aware of when confidentiality is broken, they can be weary of what to say or not to say. The teenage girl asked if she were to talk about using hard drugs if the therapist were mandated to report. The therapist responded, “If by using this hard substance puts your life in danger, then I would be mandated to report.” I observed the teenager smile and look down at the ground

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