My First White Water Fracking Expedition

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The excitement of my first whitewater rafting expedition soon evaporated, like an elusive dream. The rolling, brown waves played a dangerous game of leapfrog before me, turning white for a brief second before crashing down as their turn concluded. The overpowering roar of the water almost drowned out the shouting voices of the sun kissed guides. “Grab a life jacket and a helmet! Then go by a raft! Hurry it up, let’s move!” Feeling not quite as prepared as I would have liked, I was nonetheless ushered onto a blue raft. We were told to shove one foot under the inflatable seat in front of us in order to not capsize during the excursion. An increasing numbness crept up my leg as my foot began to throb, diverting my attention for only a moment. The high pitched squeals and yells of those already meandering down the river snapped me out of my daze as I looked around to assure that my largest fear had not come true for someone else. A small ripple…show more content…
The tip of my plastic paddle plunged into the dirty water below me in a furious down and back motion. Sprays and mists of water lashed onto my face as a form of payback for disrupting the river’s fluid movement. My eyelids blinked rapidly in an effort to remove the water from my eyes, for I could not risk letting go of the paddle. The river carried our raft in a rapid up, down, and side to side roller coaster motion. All of a sudden a mammoth wave sprung up before our eyes, tempting us to stay on the thin edges of the raft. The six of us ducked into the shallow bed of the raft and screamed in a combination of both excitement and fear. After it had passed, we quickly popped our heavily saturated selves back up and continued to obey the shouting commands of our guide. His expertise of the voyage gave me the reassurance I needed to become comfortable. A natural routine developed, and a smile played across my lips. A bit of laughter rolled off of my tongue, for I was conquering my
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