My First Year As A College Student

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It is my first year as a college student. As the semester shortly comes to an abrupt halt. I can look back and realize some of the major things that have happened. I have met so many new people, created a new family, joined a sport I never thought I would play (Rugby) and found my best friend. When I was a senior in high school, I had everything planned out. From the degree to the medical school I would attend, everything. I never once thought life would be this difficult and equally pleasurable. In the beginning I really wanted to be a doctor. Something in emergency medicine or pediatric oncology. With the stress of school, work, and some major life changes, I have changed that dream. With the classes I have taken such as Cultural Anthropology, really changed my views on my dream. I have changed from pre medicine to just majoring in biology. I have an interest in biology and the world. I am very excited to enroll in biological anthropology. I want to travel around to different countries and find different medicines and other uses for resources we do not have in America. A lot of medicines were originally created from fungi and other natural plants. It is known that America has a large and sophisticated diversity of plants and animals to choose from. Unfortunately, America is very good at being greedy and not knowing how to share or how to leave things as they should. We have a tendency to think that everything is ours and take what we need plus some. With the so called
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