My First Year As A Registered Nurse

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During my second year as a registered nurse, I have relocated to a new town and applied for a position in a small clinic. Three months after I was hired, another staff named Ms. D was hired. She was an LPN who recently graduated from a vocational training school. Since I was hired before Ms. D was, my supervisor asked me to assist with her orientation. After two weeks of orientation, Ms. D was ready to work without an assistance. Because our work hours were did not overlap often, I did not work with Ms. D during most days.
Six weeks after Ms. D’s employment, I begin to realize that there was a slight tension in the workplace. At first, I did not realize what was causing such tension in the clinic, as there were no major changes in the clinic since Ms. D’s employment. However, it soon became apparent that Ms. D was in the middle of this tension. Every time when she would work on my shift, I have noticed that other coworkers made less jokes and became quiet, also the conversation held between staff became less personable. I asked one of my coworkers about her opinion about Ms. D, and I was informed that Ms. D has been talking behind other coworker’s back. This did not surprise me, as it would be the only reason why other staff members did not want to associate with Ms. D. However, what surprised me was that Ms. D did not consider how close the other nurses were, and trying to undermine their friendship could backfire on her. As the clinic’s staff found out how Ms. D…
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