My First Year As Camp Director

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I established a repport and friendship with many of the campers, and especially the counselors. And this was only my first year as camp director! This was the group of youth that made me realize that they have such an influence on the younger youth. I was able to see the campers imitate and follow their counselors. I am excited to put my plans into motion for next summer. The feelings I have for the youth I have gotten to know over the past year and a half is outrageous. I have so much pride in them. They are truly amazing individuals. I have seen so much improvement in them that now I can also see exponential potential in them also. It has only been one complete 4-H year and I cannot even imagine how I will feel five, 10 or 20 years from now. This gives me the inspiration and motivation to work hard for these youth. I have assigned several roles to myself to support the growth of older youth in my county and region. I will be a mentor, a friend, a leader and motivator. I have an advantage when it comes to youth adult partnerships; my age can dismantle the intimidating authority figure some older youth may see. Our generations, Y (individuals born in 1981 through 1994) and Z (individuals born after 1994) (Schuckenbrock, 2016), may even overlap some (Geck, 2016). The years to determine Generations X, Y and Z tend to change according to different sources. At the least, there may only be an 11-year difference between myself and a youth in their final
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