My First Year At Morgan State University Essay

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As a new student, I understand that I will be exposed to many new experiences, opportunities, and challenges during my first year here at Morgan State University. During this journey, it it important for me to understand “where i am coming from in order to know where I’m going.”
1. I like learning, specially if it involves anything in the medical field. I like dressing up. I like getting money. I like scary movies. I like running track and working out. I like being around people that either has the same grind as me or understand me as a person. I like being rewarded and recognized of my good work and accomplishments. I like being an “overachiever”. I like chicken of all sorts.
2. I don’t like reading boring books. I don’t like when a teacher , or anyone in general, to penalize everyone just for a few people’s behavior or actions. I don’t like failing. I don 't like not being able to win at anything I do. I don’t like change. I don 't like feeling alone or worthless. I don’t like the creme filling inside of an oreo cookie.
3. The things i would like to improve upon is my way of taking up for myself. It doesn 't take much for me to let someone into persuading me to do something unless I absolutely don 't want to do it. I would like to improve my time management because I hate being bored but i also hate being overwhelmed with work and end up just not doing it. I need to stop procrastinating and get things done. I need to save money more instead of saving it then spending it
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