My First Year At The Age Of Eighteen Essay

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The following spring, I finished my first year in college at the age of eighteen, and we moved from our old apartment to an expensive loft near the Las Pegasus beach. Dusty quit his job at the convenience store and found work at the local police station. He was in charge of all the paperwork that got sent in for the conviction of the captured criminals, and he seemed to like the job; it certainly paid more than his previous job, which allowed him to get a mortgage, specifically for our new home. Built on a rocky mountainside, the loft was made entirely from wood and glass, constructs design to withstand the winds the ocean would bring. It was a two-story place, and there were two bedrooms on the upper floor; Vinyl and I shared a room together while Dusty had his own. In the living room, there was a cobblestone fireplace and a chesterfield made from oak. A sliding glass door lead to the deck which faced the ocean, and you were able to reach the kitchen from the deck. Some mornings, I would get up at dawn and go for a solitary walk to the lighthouse that was near the Las Pegasus beach. I would situate myself in front of it, lean against the metal railings, and watch the water currents move in the wind until sunrise. The way the currents moved in the wind made me feel sorrow; for ocean was like a river, roaring in anger at the unfortunate past it had experienced, and I could emerge into the water and let my past drown, filter out all the anger I still had deep within, and
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