My First Year At University

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Learning style theories are perspectives to determine how and why people learn like they do. There are many theorists who have a view on how people develop and understand learning, such as Honey and Mumford (Peter Honey and Alan Mumford, 1985), David Kolbe (1984), Howard Gardner (Multiple intelligence, 1983), Neil Fleming (VARK, 2001) and Edgar Dale (Cone of experience, 1954). I will talk about some of these and apply them to practice when working with young people, I will also demonstrate that I have knowledge and understanding of these theories by applying them to what I have learnt in year one at Nottingham University.
In my first year at university I have undertaken situations that have allowed me to progress both as an academic person and also develop socially within my course at university. In regards of progression academically, this has been achieved by me managing my time efficiently when approaching assignments, also when attending lectures on time and meeting up with other members to carry out group work. Since I started secondary school I feel I have taken on the role of a very kinaesthetic learning style known as VARK (Fleming, 2001), it has developed stronger over the years as I am a very ‘hands on’ person. I tend to try something first without thinking about the consequences or repercussions, this is both a negative and positive thing, positive because I’m not afraid to get involved with different activities and negative because the approaches I take aren’t…
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