My First Year Experience Program

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The purpose of the first year experience program focuses on helping the first year students at the university learn how to perform in the classroom and write collegiate style work. There’s no doubt that students benefit from taking these classes during their first semester of college. For me, there wasn’t high expectations at my previous school of good writing techniques and correct uses of writing tools. During the course of this semester I became a stronger writer and well prepared for the rest of my college career here at Pacific Lutheran University by improving my vocabulary, being more descriptive and altering my writing process to be more successful.

The Writing 101 assignment that I have chosen best demonstrates my progress as a writer is our Personal Narrative Essay. Though this was our first essay of the semester, I did receive my highest grade on this assignment and believes that it reflects my abilities as a writer. Because it was a Personal Narrative, writing the narrative came easy to me but along the way I faced a couple road blocks. With it being my first college essay, I referred to the Writing Center in the Mortvedt Library for guidance outside the classroom. One road block that I faced was creating imagery and being descriptive. Describing a concerts atmosphere and ambiance in my essay was difficult because I was there to experience the feeling first hand, I struggled with putting that feeling into words that could make sense to someone who has never
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