My First Year Of An Infant 's Gross Motor Skill

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Project Description
The project is a PowerPoint that focuses on 6 different gross motor milestones that generally occur during the first year of an infant’s life. These milestones are head control, segmental rolling, sitting, crawling, standing and walking. Each milestone is then broken down into phases to show the progression of the gross motor skill and when each phase typically occurs. Each milestone is accompanied by a video clip that demonstrates the progression of the milestone.
Why the topic was chosen
I chose motor development in infants from birth to one year because I have always been interested infants. I also have two children age 1 and 2 which makes me even more interested in learning about infants. I want to consider working in a pediatric physical therapy facility but to do so I must understand how an infant’s gross motor skill develops and doing research on this topic allows me to do just that.
I created a PowerPoint because I like to learn from PowerPoints. To see a slide dedicated to each gross motor skill helps me learn that topic and then it’s relationship to other information. The PowerPoint is organized so the milestone that typically occurs first in an infant’s life is presented first. Not only am I able to see the progression for each gross motor skill, I am also able to see how each gross motor skill can help to develop the next gross motor skill. For instance, head control is the first slide presented, then comes the other motor skills such as
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