My First Year Of College

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I haven’t always had a passion for mathematics. Throughout high school and my first year of college, my only goal was to get a degree with minimal effort. My first year at SUNY Potsdam was dreadful at best. Not only was I miserable taking courses I didn’t enjoy, but my GPA suffered for it. The semester I took Calculus 1 was when everything turned around for me. Starting that semester my GPA stayed consistently above a 3.7. I was finally enjoying learning and doing well in college. It didn’t take much pushing from my professors to major in mathematics. I knew after finishing Calculus 2 that I had a passion for mathematics. Each week, I looked forward to turning in problem sets and receiving new ones. As I went further into the program, more of my free time was being spent doing mathematics. I would go through parts of the textbooks that were either overlooked or skimmed through in my courses. If that wasn’t enough, then I would look up new topics on the internet to learn about. My passion became my obsession. During a student’s second year of the Master’s program at SUNY Potsdam, it is required that he or she complete a seminar in an area of interest. This involves the student working through a textbook independently, then working one-on-one with his or her adviser to plan weekly presentations. The presentations would each be an hour long in front of a small group of professors and peers. This was my favorite part of the program. I genuinely enjoyed preparing each
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