My First Year Of Learning With The Open University

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My first year of learning with the Open University has certainly challenged me. It has proven to be a huge platform for my academic progress. From various essays and tutors feedback, I am learning to develop both academic and personal skills as an independent learner. I have been assigned tasks such as researching for essays using various types of material including books, the internet and visual material and also reflecting on my learning experience.
As this was my first exposure to distant learning, I did not know what to expect and now that I am nearing the end, I feel a mixture of emotions. On one hand I feel a great sense of achievement, but on the other, the feeling that I would like to have scored a little better in each of my assignments.
Unfortunately it has been a very difficult year for my family and I, but I feel that I have progressed as a student in being able to overcome the obstacles, pull through and at least keep up with the course. I refused to give up when times were tough and that determination to some extent I feel reflected in my continuation on the course. As a result of this, I feel I have I am on the way to developing skills of time management and organisation, which proved to be essential in my circumstances and despite having to ask for an extension for TMA 03 and considering doing so an other occasions, I completed all essays, which in itself is an achievement for me.
Before starting the course, I was a little unsure about essay writing. It was…
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