My First Year Of Life Essay

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I was born on September 29th 1994 in San Buenaventura, Mexico. A small town that would remain foreign to me until the age of 21. My mom’s and dad’s relationship was complicated and structured on the submissive/dominant dynamic most Mexican families have. My dad illegally came to the United States around my second year of life. My mom followed him by obtaining a work visa. She followed him blindly as she was so in love and so lost without him. My mom left me behind but sent for me a few weeks later. I entered as someone else. My uncle and aunt had a baby around the same age as me and genetics made my cousin and I look similar enough that boarder patrol didn’t question my identity any further. I left behind faint memories of my people and the place that raised me. In the Unites States my family united and we welcomed my little brother, Daniel into the world. Daniel became my dad’s pride and my mom’s prince and I became the dutiful daughter and sister. Since I was brought to the United States at the age of two I grew up believing I was a born and raised American. I grew pride in this country and I felt proud to call this place my home. I was basically raised as an American with Mexican influences coming only from my family. Even though I am Mexican I became more influenced by American culture. I was an avid reader and many of the stories I read where about blue eye girls with blonde hair and their perfect families. I grew up influenced by these stories and I desperately wanted

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