My First Year Of Retail

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My second year of retail I worked at a new store called A’gaci. This store was not very known it was the only one open in San Diego where they only sold women 's clothing. Now this job was the complete opposite of Hollister, but yet it was still retail. This was a more fast paced environment that expected more of us and their was older people working there other than teens. At first I thought it was weird because I was not used to working with older people being at the same rank as me, but I ignored it. A’gaci could not afford to pay their employees’ more since it was a new store, and the 6 months that they have been opened they never made budget since not many people knew about it, so they limited the number of employees’ they had.Working at this store you had to always be moving or doing something or else you would get in trouble. Since they did not have that many employees they always extended people on their shifts-- sometimes it was not even a question. I would get annoyed by this because I would make plans for after and they simply wouldn 't care they wouldn’t ask or even take you into consideration. At first I thought they only did it to me because I was the newest worker there, but as time passed by I noticed they did it to everyone. Some employees that worked there had children and had them in daycares and when the managers would do this, the employees couldn 't say anything and when they would try they would ask you to at least stay 30 more minutes to an hour and

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