My First Year Of University Of Economics

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not afraid of doing business with anyone no matter what their position is. I realized that all those people are exactly that – people, and that there was nothing I should be afraid of.

In the summer of 2013, right after I completed my first year of studies at the University of Economics, I gave it another try to apply for a visitor visa for the third time. Because of the good grades at the University and my community service, this time I got my visa and a chance to spend time with my cousins in the U.S. After some time spent in New York, being aware of my family’s financial situation, my cousin unselfishly offered me to try enroll me in a college in the U.S. I was stunned. Not only that studying in the world’s financial capital was something I could only dream of, but it could also eventually be my family’s way out of the poverty. We agreed on that her husband and she would cover all of my living costs but I would have to try get a scholarship to cover my tuition. In return, I would have to take care of my nephew whenever I wasn’t in school. Next few months I’ve spent studying for SAT and TOEFL exams which I successfully passed and got enrolled at LaGuardia Community College. Meanwhile, I volunteered with New York Cares whenever I had free time on projects such as library renovation or food serving to homeless. It took a year to find the college which fits me the best, apply for it, submit required paperwork, and pass all the tests which is what made me a non-traditional
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