My First Year Old Boys Are Playing Baseball, Football, And All The Other Sports

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Most ten year old boys are playing baseball, football, and all the other sports. For me, I did the same therefore; I played outside and played sports. Me my mom and my siblings would always go over to my grandparents’ house while my dad was at work. One day my mom went to go shopping with my grandma; however, I was lucky and got to stay behind with my grandpa. That is when he introduced me to a completely new world. I can remember quite decently it was a warm summer day and I was sitting in my grandpa’s recliner watching cartoons. I always sat in that chair mainly because everything else smelled like fresh smoke consequently, this was due to the fact my grandma has been smoking a pack a day for about seventy five years. Graciously, my mom had already left with my brother and sister as well as my grandma. My grandpa, “Chuck” as my grandma always called him; he was not a morning person. By the time he was up it was already lunchtime, although that never seemed to bother him. When I was younger, I always noticed him go to the basement. He would be down there for several hours at a time, which would make me very curious. Finally, my curiosity caught up with me, and this time I followed him down. Now Chuck was a very quiet man he did not say much if he did, it was probably something about politics or life itself. When I was down in the basement, I sat on a stool right beside him at his desk. I quickly noticed his organization process, which was to make sure nothing fell off the
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