My First Year Placement, A Program That Offers Young People Educational And Vocational Opportunities

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During my first year placement, I was placed at Compton YouthBuild (CYB). CYB is a program that offers young people educational and vocational opportunities. The program is open to any youth between the ages of 16-24, who are seeking a new opportunity to strive in life. CYB provides youth with opportunities in community advocacy, leadership development, career pathways, and construction training. One of the major services that CYB offers is the opportunity to receive an academic education and receive a high school diploma. CYB collaborates with YouthBuild Charter School of California (YCSC) and together they incorporate an educational component to the CYB program. Directors at CYB do not refer to their program as a school, but as what it really is, which is a youth build program. Program directors are very rigid on the fact that staff or members refer to the program as a school, the reason being because it affects the type of funding that they receive. This influences the way that we refer to the people that are served at CYB. The staff is to refer to the served individuals as young people or members, not as students. Most of the young people that enroll in the program do so for the educational program. Many of our young people turn to CYB for a second opportunity at their academic careers. The city of Compton can be well known for their street violence and their gang activity. High rates of young people in the area get involved in such activity at a very young age,
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