My Flaw Research Paper

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I believe every flaw I have is to teach me a lesson. A flaw can be one’s Achilles heel, that can hold one back from accomplishing great things. But, in retrospect I think understanding my flaw and using it in my favor- creates a successful and positive environment. For this assignment, I chose my flaw of being a perfectionist. Although, my perfectionism hurdles many challenges my way, it teaches me determination, perseverance, ambition and to be a hard worker.
To me, a perfectionist is someone who pays close attention to detail and makes sure whatever they do is to their best capabilities. Ever since I was young, I tried to do everything to the best of my efforts, whether it was a small art project or my math homework. It’s a bit of a challenge
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I am willing to try something over and over again until I can do it right. Therefore, I know the incomparably amazing feeling of watching something that seemed impossible become possible. For example, I take AP 2D Design, a photography course provided by my high school. A couple of weeks ago, I was assigned to do a piece on showcasing color. I could do whatever I wanted, as long as it portrayed “color” in a creative perspective. I came up with dozens of ideas within a day, but it was my mission to make those ideas a reality. I decided I was going to go to the quirky and overlooked parts of NYC. I went around Little Italy, SoHo and more taking pictures of graffiti and art around the city. I decided to comply these pictures into one major project- but I wasn't sure how. The little perfectionist in me, didn't let me give up. I tried different tools in Photoshop to incorporate the pieces together. After a few failed attempts, I finally did it- six pieces perfectly merged together to create one composition. I felt a strong sense of pride and accomplishment when I presented my work to my fellow classmates. I thought it would never be done, but I worked to the best of my abilities, spent countless of hours working on it and I achieved the vision I envisioned.
Perfectionism taught me motivation, determination, persistence, and to have strong drive– qualities that most people find redeeming and can make me a great candidate
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