My Focus For This Paper Is On Uber And How It Has Affected

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My focus for this paper is on Uber and how it has affected the Des Moines economy. Uber started up in March of 2009 but didn’t really take off at first. Two men in Paris were having trouble getting a cab and so they came up with an idea to make it easier for people to get rides. What started out as an app with a few cars in metropolitan areas has now impacted cities all over the world. Uber didn’t really take off until about five years ago and since then has taken over as the main taxi rides in many cities all over the world. In Des Moines specifically, Uber has become very popular and each day you see more and more people using Uber. Uber was given the green light in Des Moines in 2015 and has since then taken off and has become the…show more content…
A customer’s experience using cabs was mostly the same in 2014 as it was in 1983. They would call the dispatch number and give them the information of where to be picked up and dropped off at. The dispatcher typically told the rider that it would be about a twenty-minute wait and sometimes longer. When the rider reached their destination, they would either pay with cash or swipe their card which would require them to wait extra time for approval. Most drivers didn’t like when customers used cards because companies would charge a fee on them (Liss). Uber made this entire process very simple and easy for customers. When registering on the Uber app, you are required to put your credit card information on there to create an account. By doing this, the payment at the end of your ride is automatically processed and no tip is need because it is already added on to your payment at the end. You are given the option of rating your driver at the end of the ride with most drivers receiving very good reviews. Uber has taken advantage of the ability of being able to use smartphones to order rides and has made the payment method very easy for customers. Trade-offs are things that people sacrifice in order to get something whether it’s value is more or less. Trade-off relates very well to Uber because Uber drivers are usually people who have jobs but want to make more money and give up their free time in order to do that. This concept relates more to
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