My Fondness And Love Of Video Games

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Introduction My fondness and love for gaming started when I was only 3 years old. This is when my life collection started and my obsession with computers, consoles and games evolved. To understand my obsession and collection one has to recognise the history of video games. In the early 1950’s the video game was developed. It all started in a concrete arcade and progressed to the comfort of our homes. It’s not just games and gaming consoles, but home computers and the technology that is available to make this virtual world your own and a big part of modern culture. Although my gaming life started in 1997, the technology jump from the 8-bit to 64-bit was remarkable, but what made the leap was the wireless technology that transformed a 2…show more content…
Games has made it easy and difficult for designers because the next-gen console made it easier but designers must design at a higher level and make everything HD and more life-like to make the consumer happy because the more life-like the game is the more it is ascetically pleasing to the viewer and that will make him want to come back for more. Conclusion In this essay there was a discussion on how video games developed from arcade games to gaming consoles and home computer games, where video games became a popular form of entertainment and a big part of modern culture in the world. Then we went through the brief history of the generations of consoles from 1950’s to 2015 from the 8-bit to 32 and 64-bit, with controllers that’s wired, to wireless controllers to not even using a controls at
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