My Football Experience

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It was Nov.16th, 2014; my last football banquet at Lima senior, they called up the Biggs aka lineman. I felt so nervous and kind of deprived of the moment. We all went up together; it was intense, I really felt helpless because I didn’t know what was going to happen or expect. I stood on the stage, just sweating, thinking, and looking confused. “This can’t be it,” I thought. “My football career cannot end this way.” The season began in the summer of June 1st 2014 I was very excited training was fantastic, camps were tough. And my senior year looked great so far, Bowling Green, Kent State and Tiffin University were very interested in my ability, also knowledge of the game. I was very trilled everything was going posters, newspapers and program sales were great. In the weeks leading up to our first scrimmage, it was max-out time which means to reach ones maximum in something such as weight in weight lifting or credit on a credit card. So when I maxed-out in the bench and shoulder press they were about the same 275-300, now in squat my max was 505 pounds, and I was so proud of that. Then my favorite lift till today was up and ready power clean, which I got 315 the record for the school but not state. Everybody was in amazement over what I have archived this summer; my passion in football was the center, standing six feet and one hundred ninety pounds. I was very dominate, so naturally bigger ego, which mean I showed my tail off, cheerleaders helping me practice for my
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